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We are a loosely gathered group of subject matter experts. We focus on our task, and then beat it to death. We are relentless for our clients. Our work can be seen all over the market, in every market, in several industries. Our clients hire us to win. Simple as that. When you need to peel away from your competitors and grow your business, Manetane is a great choice. But, we only serve one client in each vertical. We are not an agency that takes in whatever business we can get. We are exclusive to one company per keyword/vertical/market. That client gets our focus and efforts until the engagement is over.

Branding: Do you need to discover your DSI? Do you even know what a DSI is? Do you have brand advocates? We develop brands and have global experience across several industries. We know local consumer segments in international markets. We can tie it all together.

Marketing: Having a brand is no good if you cannot market it. Throwing away money with an agency is one way to go. Another way is to use a proven vendor. Us. We can audit your marketing plan, add to it, or develop it.

SEO: Looking for SEO help? Think about this. If you hire an agency, they likely have several competing customers as clients. How would their service help you? The answer is, it won’t. In fact you are throwing away your money. If you are competing against a million webpages, there is only one page at #1. If your vendor is already servicing that customer, where does that leave you?

We have one client per keyword. That is it. We are all in for you. We will get you the results you are after. We prove ourselves time and again. If you are in a competitive online situation, you will need to plan on 6 – 12 months of hard-core effort on our part to win that battle. While we get to work straight away, and move the needle within a month, strong upward movement is a result of sustained effort.

Sales: The last piece of the puzzle. If you can’t sell, you will starve as a business. Closing business requires a strategic plan, relentless execution, a thick-skin, and the desire and ability to succeed. Hearing ‘no’ everyday is not something many people can tolerate or sustain. We can. For decades we have driven sales results and gotten the job done. We are not for hire long-term for sales, but can certainly align your strategy for a higher probability for success.

We are always available for a chat and would love to learn about your business and what we can do to help. Again, the number is (203)668-7272